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Goalkeeper training program


In AC Milan Academy Virginia, the goalkeepers follow a specific training program that is based on the peculiarity of the role of the goalkeeper in the team. In soccer, the role of goalkeeper is surely one of the most demanding.

Indeed, the goalkeeper is an atypical player because plays in a restricted space (the penalty area) During the game, the goalkeeper can be considered the starting point and the last defence. Playing as a goalkeeper requires great responsibility and this is why a goalkeeper has to have a strong personality allowing him to face the most difficult situations with high levels of concentration and psychic balance.

Today the goalkeeper is required to have special skills and knowledge in addition to those typical of his role, which is to protect his goal and to be a reference point for the game tactics of his teams (in particular the defense), showing the importance of the ability to direct the defense.

When planning the goalkeeper training we always think of how he behaves in the field and we work on what will make him improve his performance, notably:

  • technical-tactical training

  • concentration

  • immediate strength

  • speed and rapidity

  • reactivity and reflexes

  • acrobatic training – balance – deftness – agility


The other physical qualities are indirectly trained when repeating the technical workouts.

  • No Club Affiliation Required

  • Eight weeks sessions

  • 60 minutes (Duration of each session)

  • Location: 

  • Time: 

  • Cost: $249 + AC Milan Kit

This is a special once-a-week training program for eight (8) weeks open to anyone!

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