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2024 Super Y League 


AC Milan Academy Virginia is excited to announce the Super Y League for summer 2024!

For summer 2024, United Soccer League replaced the Super Y League with USL YOUTH, completing USL's youth-to-pro pathway.  

The Super Y/USL-Y league provides continued player development opportunities and competition for Travel players over the summer. This program is open to NVA and Loudoun Soccer Travel players, as well as Travel players from other clubs.

The Super Y/USL-Y season typically runs regionally from mid-June through mid-August. Because it is a national competition, successful regional teams may advance to the Northern American Finals in Florida in mid-December.

As with the Super Y League, the centerpiece of the USL Youth platform remains a high-level national competition that complements our country’s existing youth soccer infrastructure and provides clubs with opportunities to face different opponents than they do in their regular leagues. The competition culminates with the USL Youth Finals, a tentpole event in the youth soccer calendar that gives players a unique “major tournament” experience and a chance to win a national championship.

Nearly 500 teams and more than 8,000 players participated in Super Y League in 2023. With the introduction of USL Youth, those numbers will rise in the coming years as the USL executes a strategic expansion plan in targeted areas of the country.


Age Groups Girls and Boys U11 to U19

Training/Game Schedules and Locations

Teams will train two nights a week on Reston/Herndon area fields beginning in mid-late June through the end of the season in early August. The complete practice schedule will not be available until mid-late May.


Games will begin in mid-late June and end by mid-August. The regular season will consist of 8-10 matches depending on the division and the age group. The game schedule will not be available until late May and will be communicated once it is finalized. 

North American Finals
For age groups 2009 (U15) and older, the total point leader within the division, as well as the appropriate number of bid allocations per division, will culminate the season with the Super Y League North American Finals in mid-December in Florida. Teams that receive a bid are REQUIRED to attend.



Travel Program 2024

The EDP League, also known as the EDP Soccer League, is a regional youth soccer league operating in several states across the United States. It primarily consists of teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and bordering states. The league's mission is to provide "good games every week with reasonable travel" for players aged 8-19.

The EDP League is divided into different age groups and competitive levels. The top divisions at the U13-U18 levels serve as a pathway to the National League Conferences, a higher level of competition.

Here are some key features of the EDP League:

  • Focus on player development: The league emphasizes player development over simply winning games. This is reflected in the rules and coaching philosophy.

  • Competitive play: The league offers a high level of competition for players of all skill levels.

  • Reasonable travel: Teams are placed in divisions based on geography to minimize travel time.

  • Professional organization: The league is well-organized and professional, with experienced staff and referees.

If you are interested in learning more about the EDP League, you can visit their website at

Age Groups Girls and Boys U9 to U16

Training/Game Schedules and Locations

Teams will train three times a week on Pine Ridge Park, Arrowbrook Park Oakmont Park, Westfield HS, and Scott Run fields beginning in early March, through June 15.

Games will begin on April 6 and end by June 15. The regular season will consist of 8-10 matches depending on the division and the age group. The game schedule will be available soon and will be communicated once it is finalized. 




Register and we will be reaching out to you via the email you provided shortly to set up a time and location for your tryout.









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