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Our Programs for 2024 Spring/Summer:
Currently open for Registration:


  • AC Milan Academy Virginia Camps: Summer 2024

  • Girls and Boys Individual Tryouts - Train with our teams this summer

  • Pre-Academy U5-U8 

  • Specialization Programs: Goalkeepers, Individual Skills & Strikers

  • AC Milan USA Tour Special Residential Camp Baltimore August 5 - August 9 - Barcelona Vs AC Milan


Our Academy Experience

AC Milan Academy Virginia is a set of projects dedicated to the involvement of U5-U18 target audience in sporting activities via the football coaching promoted by AC Milan and the training of all adults involved.

The Milan Academy, AC Milan’s true center of innovation, is shaped by a team of sports professionals made up of managers, football coaches, teachers, and instructors, who operate with knowledge and competence in accordance with the Club’s principles and who also aspire to define a new standard for the world of football.

Passion, Excellence, Sophistication, and Teamwork are the building blocks of the Project which, by sharing the Milan Method and using guidelines, coaching programs, and dedicated services, supports the adults who follow daily the human and sporting development of all the youngsters involved in football and sporting activities.


The MILAN Method stimulates and generates new questions, values, projects, and plans. It doesn’t teach methods but teaches how to research and critically discuss them, apply them everywhere, and then translate them into operational methods.

One of the crucial criteria, “how to carry out training”, and an updated methodology both aim to generate a good capacity for human and educational relations.

The primary aim is first and foremost to promote the general well-being of the young athlete and at the same time to enhance the technical, tactical, physical, and social skills that are typical of the sport.

Developing the child as a whole through the practice of sport also requires the ability to analyze and plan action that takes into account all the factors at play in the context of the Football School, in close connection with its territory.

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Top Notch Facilities

Our facilities are designed to provide the best possible environment for training and development. We have state-of-the-art equipment and top-level coaches to ensure that our players receive the best possible training.

Our Facilities are:

  • KAA - 2949 Education Dr, Herndon, VA 20171

  • Herndon High School - 700 Bennett St, Herndon, VA 20170

  • Pine Ridge 3401 Woodburn Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

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